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One of the most important aspects of life is to have a high moral standard. It is mainly concerned with teaching and disciplining the students to have the best manners and personal characteristics. In this case, developing the student’s morals is automatically linked to the educational system. Education plays a pivotal role in shaping morals among students, even though it became a stronghold culture of the community. The role of educational institutions is also important in fortifying social changes. The rapid social changes in lifestyle have led to a loveless social culture among adolescents. These phenomena are indicators of morals, lifestyles, and social activities of adolescence in everyday life. The rapid change in social life is one of the most significant current discussions about legal and student morals. The societal climate issues morality of adolescents over the past decade remain unprecedented. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore where the students are involved in deviant behavior often linked to the educational institutions. However, these rapid changes are having a serious effect on social life through cognitive and emotional aspects process, even it also takes effect on long-term nation-building. The issues attributed to the moral values of students in the latest decade are becoming agitated among parents of the students.

As a social institution, the educational system plays a pivotal role in controlling and developing of moral values of the students. Although there was much research about the moral values of students, few of them focused on moral decadence, so it is necessary to do deep research on the influence of moral developmental values on individual behavior. The development of the moral values of students is also linked with religiosity and spirituality. More recent studies have confirmed that spirituality and religiosity are influenced the moral values of the students. Of course, to make sense of spiritual development in moral values, it must be related to the process of learning to undertake and the outcomes intended. It is argued that education acts are the ‘focal socializing agency ‘ in modern society.

The school plays the central role in the process of secondary socialization, taking over from primary socialization. This socialization also involves learning the rules, spiritual values, and norms of society as a whole. In the school system, students learned the dominant culture and moral values. When we refer to the symbolic interaction theory, the interactions between the students and teachers will be affected by everyday life. Thus, the education system plays an integral role in individual lives such as society as a whole, sociologists view that role from many diverse points of view. Literature reviews have indicated that there was no report on moral values developing in the school system. Although the construct moral values have been widely used in the study related to behavioral students, and in the study influential on behavioral students, it has been limited use for the development of vertical moral values in their studies. Therefore, this study identifies the relationship and influence of the learning system in developing vertical and horizontal values with behavioral students.

The moral vertical values are individual manner relationships between an intrinsic attitude to God in daily life, while the moral vertical values are individual manner relationships with an extrinsic attitude against the social environment and natural world in daily life. The Holy Qur’an has mentioned numerous moral values that every Muslim should incorporate into his or her character. Moral values in the Islamic literature are the good meaning and the determine positive and negative attitudes, and not left for motivations only, they are moved by faith. Islamic moral values not all values of Islam are what is thought of as conforming with mid, for the mind in Islam is a means for understanding decided values.


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