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In all societies, the mutual relations of society and family are naturally based on informing others of our thoughts and intentions. Language is a deeper issue involving a relationship between it, the totality of nature, and the origin of creation which can be investigated for social good. On the other hand, they also rely on the desire to understand others’ thoughts and intentions. These are inherent in a man like an ‘instinct’. This instinct and the aforementioned relations, i.e. the desire to understand other people’s thoughts, are obtained in the form of questions, similar to expressing our intentions, by means of words and through language. This means that understanding others’ thoughts and intentions, whether oral or written, has been important for a man to the same degree that he has attached importance to expressing his own thoughts. This has been to such an extent that man has taken on assisting in comprehending others’ words as a divine mission and prophetic role.

Existence is a book in which philosophy has been written, but reading it is only possible through learning its language. Experiments have shown that the power of sentence construction using universal structures in various languages is in human nature. The fact that children can achieve this without being taught by their environment indicates that, besides the power of talking and using compounds instead of words, man is born with the natural power of sentence construction. That is why we can infer that the first man was able to, more or less, use the grammatical rules, which were approximately the same as today’s ones. There is an intrinsic and ontological relationship between letters and numbers with open and hidden rules of physics, chemistry, and natural sciences. This relationship has at times been introduced as ‘the characteristics of letters’ in which each letter is known to have some natural features as there are certain chemical and physical features for any plant or any other matter.


We can find the status of creatures in the real world (as well as that of the incidents and phenomena) by the use of numbers and geometrical compositions made of numbers. Just as a relationship between man’s imagination and the real world exists, so there is a relationship between the natural facts of the world (physics) and letters and numbers. Any numerical relationship (algebraic and arithmetic) can be shown by drawing a graph and a line using the relative coordinates. The message of such a discovery is that in advanced mathematics, which man has not yet fully accomplished, it is possible to convert the geometrical form of the world and its incidents into numbers and letters. For example, in the mathematics of the future, instead of ordering food and fruit, we will write a series of equations and hand them to the authorities. The discovery of topological geometry made the prospects of this event more probable. This is not an exaggeration, because within the last centuries some experts have used the relationships among numbers called ‘the science of numbers’. They have also combined and benefited from the transformations of letters in a field called the ‘esoteric science of letters’. The other argument worth presenting here is the status of the ‘Logos’, which can confirm that language is not conventional and there is a close relationship between language, nature, and the whole universe.

Man’s words are produced by the breath we bring up from our chests. It reaches the larynx, then the mouth, tongue, and teeth in order to be articulated sounds. We make words by using these sounds. In fact, we create them and, by giving existence to them, manifest our mental meanings, which are hidden in our inner self. The creation of the whole universe happens in the same way. The overflow of divine effusion, which is called the ‘Breath of the All-Merciful’ by gnostics and which, at first, is in the form of unfolded being and is comparable to man’s breath, manifests itself. The contact of this Breath of the All-Merciful and unfolded being, generic existence, and divine will with those liable to come into existence (immutable archetypes, according to gnostics) present in Divine knowledge, and which are like letter bases, creates letters and words because letters are the building blocks of creatures and words are the first creatures that have been created from absolute non-existence.

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