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In classification, sensory existence is the same as material existence and all beings in this world. Imaginal existence is the world in which existence is stronger and lacks the defects of the material world. Verbal existence (which stems from the power and existence of the disengaged soul of mankind) is at the lowest level of existence because realities are expressed by the use of letters and words. Taking into account this accurate philosophical and gnostic ‘ontological classification’, it is because of the wonders existing in language and the process of revelation and issues relevant to them that the relationship between nature, and the external world. There are some points in the relationship between language and nature which lead us to social good concluding that because there is a large difference between the divine Word and man’s utterance, their issues are separate from each other and should not be mixed together. For example, having an infinite number of interpretations of the divine Word (the sublime and complete case of which is the Holy Qur’an), provided that they do not contradict each other is correct. While in normal texts and man’s utterances, this is not correct because (regardless of the author’s intentions which have risen from his limited and insignificant knowledge) man’s utterances and phrases cannot bear infinite meanings so that infinite understandings would be possible.

The Holy Qur’an says, “There is no small particle in the heavens and on the earth, but it is (written) in the Clear Book”. This ‘Clear Book’ is a phenomenon in which all phenomena, incidents, and facts existing in the past, present, and future, as well as every small and big being in the world and the whole universe (the heavens and the earth), are registered or, in a sense, written. Using the word ‘book’ for such a thing is quite suitable as there is registering and writing in it by the use of letters, symbols, or numbers. The word ‘clear’ has been chosen for its clarity and it’s being unambiguous and doubtless. From the reference of the phrase ‘Clear Book’ both to the  Holy Qur’an and to the spiritual and celestial file in which all incidents of the world are written, we can understand that the Holy Qur’an in which all incidents and all pre-destined happenings of the world are registered, is a compact disk taken from the celestial ‘Clear Book’.

The divine Word is the same as the creatures of the world and divine speech is in the imperative form and when issuing amr ‘order’ means creation. Through this gnostic perspective, the large gap that ordinary people think exists between ‘Word’ and the existence (thingness) of things is eliminated and the existential relationship between utterance and nature is discovered. It is also possible to transform letters and numbers into each other by the use of abjad, i.e. the arithmetical arrangement of the Arabic alphabet, or transform a book into numbers and those numbers into geometrical figures. It is even possible to assume that animations can be rendered into numbers and letters by a highly qualified mathematician or an advanced mathematical engine.


Language has a natural origin and is not basically conventional and man-made (although man changed it later). Revelation is a natural phenomenon by which God, using nature and the hierarchies of all forces available in it, sends down His message in certain periods to certain people who have specific potentials. It has a structure compatible with other structures in nature and is in harmony with the general system of nature. As revelation and the divine words are natural phenomena and one of the laws of the world, logically they cannot be incompatible with natural laws including the relationship between language and nature. It should not be expected that the Creator of nature and language would offer His address (called revelation) if it did not harmonize with the total system of the world and nature. Since the divine Word has a natural origin, it can be rendered and interpreted through other natural various manifestations such as language, mathematics, and physics. Nature can be extracted from the language of revelation. Just as nature in this world has hidden and far-fetched depths, so it is normally impossible to obtain all the meanings of the divine Word, too, if it is known to be a written version of the world and nature and although it is interpretable.

One of the points existing in the Holy Qur’an (and real revealed books) is that neither time nor history can be considered a factor in its correct interpretation, because the text either, similarly to the Holy  Qur’an, belongs to all periods and is for all mankind and all understandings, or to a vast time, including various and multiple periods, traditions, histories on which it is not possible to rely in order to understand the divine Word. The reason for this difference is that God’s address to mankind is absolutely and equally for all people of all different intellectual, traditional and historical perspectives and, therefore, it should be comprehensible in all evolutional stages of societies.

The scope of literary criticism and interpretation in any language is very limited and practically neither words nor rhetoric and semantics in each language allow us to consider them as having infinite meanings. The reality of language, no matter how vast it might be, is not unlimited; we can learn exactly about the streets and lanes of a city, no matter how large it is. However, even if the divine Word is in fact limited (as nature is also limited), it lies in an infinitely large arena in comparison to man’s power of comprehension and interpretation, because it has come down from an Absolute Being Who is the source of all utterances and concepts. Man’s understanding is like a fly moving around in an infinite space. As an example, the interpretation of the divine Word, which is related and connected to the depth of nature, has a gift for any miner and there is no end to it. The treasure of man’s properties, no matter how deep and full it is, will finish sooner or later.

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