Chalazion & Stye

A chalazion is a small, usually painless, lump or swelling that appears on your eyelid. A blocked meibomian or oil gland causes this condition. It can develop on the upper or lower eyelid and may disappear without treatment.

A chalazion is sometimes confused with an internal or external stye (also called a hordeolum) usually caused by bacterial infection. An internal stye is an infection of a meibomian gland whereas an external stye is an infection in the area of the eyelash follicle and sweat gland. Unlike a chalazion, a stye is usually painful and may develop into a chalazion occasionally.

What is the difference between a chalazion and a stye?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a chalazion and a stye.

A chalazion can develop and you might not see any symptoms.

When there are symptoms, they can include

  • a bump on the eyelid, sometimes becoming red, swollen and can be tender occasionally.
  • rarely that it will be an entire swollen eyelid
  • blurry vision, if the chalazion is large enough to press on the eyeball

Symptoms of stye can include

  • a very painful red bump along the edge of the eyelid at the base of the eyelashes and it may cause the entire eyelid to swell
  • usually a small pus spot at the centre of the bump
  • grittiness, sandy and scratchy feeling in the eye
  • photophobia, being sensitive to light
  • blepharitis, crustiness along the eyelid margin
  • tearing in that eye

How do you treat a chalazion or stye?

There is so much enrichment in human saliva. Recite Surah Fateha and do a soft massage with a fingertip having saliva over the eye. Surah Fateha in Qur’an is the most beautiful prayer and cure of any disease.

After doing this prayer, you will be free from surgery, steroids shots, antibiotics, or any warm cloth-applied gestures.

Do not squeeze and pop a chalazion or stye as it is possible to spread the infection to the eyelid. As these infections are contagious, proper eyelid hygiene is advised. Always wash your hands before and after touching your eyes and avoid the sharing of towels and pillows.


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