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Qur’an says in the chapter Al-Ma’idah (The Table): “That was why We laid it down for the Children of Israel that whoever killed a human being—except as a punishment for murder or for spreading corruption in the land—shall be regarded as having killed all mankind, and that whoever saved a human life shall be regarded as having saved all mankind.” (5:32)

This verse not only makes a legal provision in the case of a murder, but it also gives us an ideology of life which can be summarized as follows: Differences are a part of human life, you cannot eliminate them. So, if you have issues with other fellow human beings, don’t become disturbed, but take them casually. Try to live with differences. Try to learn the art of difference management, either by ignoring the problem or by making some kind of adjustment. In all situations, you have to accept in advance that confrontation or violence is not an option for you. It is completely out of the question. Be determined that you will opt for some kind of peaceful settlement, that you will never enter upon a  course of action which could lead to violence.

Any violent action is like a boomerang. It acts against you just as it acts against others. The killing of a person is not simply the elimination of an individual; it is the setting of an undesirable precedent, the effect of which will continue, directly or indirectly, to have a baneful influence upon all mankind. In this sense, every individual crime is a universal crime. Violence is not simply a vicious solution to a problem. It is worse than that. It is a grave breach of ethical standards. Moreover, when you opt for violence, you are deviating from the path of self-construction. You are wasting your time and energy upon a non-productive course of action. In this sense, any violent action is like a boomerang. It acts against you just as it acts against others.

When a person opts for violence or murder, he does so out of anger. When one becomes angry, one becomes overwrought. This being so, one should not make a decision in such an abnormal state of mind. So when you are angry, keep your patience. Try to diffuse your anger. Try to calm down. Take your decision only when you become emotionally normal.

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