Since the plane of limited imagination is an image and an exemplar of the World of Absolute Image-Exemplars, and since everyone experiences this plane, anyone can find his way to the absolute (image) by observing the relative. By perceiving the characteristics of the branch he can gain insight into the root. Know that the plane of imagination, i.e. the level which embraces all of the images which take form within the imaginal faculty contiguous to the human level and within any imaginer whatsoever — a level which is also called “the level of limited image-exemplars”, just as the World of Image – Exemplars is called “absolute imagination” — and whose relationship to the World of Image – Exemplars is like the streams which branch off from a great river, is the plane which encompasses and includes everything existent in the external world and every non-thing, for it possesses the power to represent both.

And all of it, i.e., the plane of imagination and the forms which appear within it, is veridical and corresponds to reality and is divided into two kinds: a kind in which the image imagined corresponds to the form in the external world, or in a plane external to the plane of imagination, and this is called “unveiling”; and a kind in which it does not correspond. Within the latter interpretation takes place. And mankind here, or in the knowledge of the second kind of dreams and visions, are of two kinds: the knower, who knows what God means by the observed image, and the learner, who does not know, but who has the aptitude and capacity to advance to the level of knowledge.

The knower is true to the vision, i.e., he gives it its due; and the learner deems the vision to be true, i.e. he takes the observed images as veridical and corresponding to reality in the external world, until God teaches him what He meant by the image which He has revealed to him and unveiled for him in the dream, like Abraham, when he saw in his dream that he was sacrificing his son, but it was a ram which appeared in the form of his son. So he deemed his vision to be true and did not interpret it, because the majority of the things which the prophets and the Perfect Men observe take place in the World of Absolute Image-Exemplars. And everything which occurs within it is necessarily true and in correspondence with reality. So he thought he was observing within that world, and hence he did not interpret his dream. Therefore he deemed his vision to be true until God taught him that what was meant by the form of his son was the ram.

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