God said, “God is He that created you of weakness, then He appointed after weakness strength, then after strength He appointed weakness” (Qur’an). Now the first weakness without dispute is the weakness of the constitution in the understanding of both the majority and the elite (the exoteric authorities and the Sufis). And the strength which is after it, or after the original weakness, is the strength of the constitution, to which is added in the understanding of the elite the strength of the spiritual state, which gives man the power to exercise free disposal and domination in the world through Intention.

And the second weakness is the weakness of the constitution, to which is added in the understanding of the elite the weakness attained through knowledge, or the knowledge of God, which weakens man and extracts him from his accidental strength and returns him to his original weakness until it joins him to the clay which was his origin. So he has no power over anything, and he becomes in himself and in his own personal essence, disregarding the manifestation of the divine Qualities within him, in his own eyes like a suckling infant with its mother, for just as the infant sees no power or strength in itself and entrusts itself completely to its mother, who feeds and nurtures it, the gnostic assumes the same relation to the Real Being and Absolute Lord. And therefore, because of the weakness resulting from the knowledge of God and the lack of power to exercise free disposal over anything, Lot said, “O would that I had power against you”, i.e., О would that I had power in the form of a strong Intention with which to resist and oppose you, “or might take refuge in a strong pillar” (cf. Qur’an), meaning by “strong pillar” according to the exoteric interpretation the strong tribe, which vanquishes its enemies.

And the Prophet says, indicating what Lot meant by “strong pillar” according to the esoteric interpretation, “God have mercy on my brother Lot. He was taking refuge in a strong pillar”, meaning by that, “the weakness resulting from knowledge”, i.e., through these words he indicates the weakness which had overcome Lot because of his knowledge of God, since he first shows his sympathy for him by praying for mercy for him, and this tells of his weakness and incapacity. Then he links him to himself through brotherhood, which shows that Lot shared with the Prophet in this weakness, which is so obviously actualized in the latter. So the “strong pillar” is God, who governs him and nurtures him.

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