Since the Wisdom of the “Most Glorified consists of the knowledge of the sciences pertaining to the “purification” of God, the text concerned with this Wisdom with a discussion of purification is: Purification on the part of him, or the servant, who purifies God of certain things in accordance with the approval or disapproval of his ordinary mind and his reason is a delimitation and a specification by him of Him who is purified, in terms of what is other than those things purified from Him, for he has distinguished Him from that which does not accept to be purified from those things. So by analogy, the absolutely also of whatever must be given this description is a delimitation through this absolutely. Therefore there is then naught but a limited being or divinity, which he, or the servant who purifies it, has raised up by attributing absolutely to it.

Just as the knowledge of him who purifies God with his mind is incomplete — for he is restricting the Unrestricted and delimiting the Limitless — in the same way, he who “assimilates” God to the creatures without purifying Him is mistaken, for assimilation is also delimitation and restriction of the Unrestricted — who has no limit which defines or confines Him. But he who combines purification and assimilation maintains each of them as permanent concerning Him and describes Him by both is the true gnostic and the realized Perfect Man. If you purify Him, you delimit; if you assimilate Him, you restrict. But if you do both, you have been shown the right way: you are a leader in the gnostic sciences, a master.

And since pointed out the deficiency of the knowledge of God according to attributes which only purify Him, and the situation of knowledge which only assimilates Him has become known by analogy, he now mentions explicitly the perfect knowledge of God combining purification and assimilation, which the servant is commanded to attain by the Prophet, and for which according to the religious law he will be rewarded: Know that the way of the truth through which He has sought that they know Him in words like the hadith, “I wanted to be known, so I created the world”, is what the tongues of the Revelations have brought. So no intelligence can overstep it. Rather, everyone must believe in it in the manner in which God meant it and not by interpreting it according to his own ideas. His mental “purification” must be in accordance with what God has sent down upon the tongues of His prophets and within the Books, He has revealed to them; for otherwise, God is purified from the purification of the thoughts of human reason, for human reasons, which are determined within the particular and limited faculties of man’s constitution, are particular and limited in accordance with these faculties. And how should the limited and particular perceive absolute and disengaged realities in themselves unless they escape from their own limitations, or unless those absolute realities become limited according to its vision and existence?

But before the coming of the Revelations and the acquisition of knowledge and gnosis through them, knowledge of Him is to purify Him of the characteristics of contingency. So the gnostic possesses two pieces of knowledge: a knowledge acquired by reason and demonstration before the coming of the Revelations, and a knowledge received from the bringer of the Revelation, but whose condition is that he turn over to God the true understanding of that with which they, or the Revelations, have come and stayed away from rational demonstration; and that he believes in this knowledge in the way that God meant it without interpreting it with his reason or imposing his own ideas upon it, for verily the Revelations have only been sent by God because it is impossible for human reason to perceive by itself the verities as they really are within the divine Knowledge. And if He unveils for him the understanding of it, i.e., of what the Revelations have brought, and if He gives him knowledge of what His intention is through the conditions imposed by the divine Law, which the reason cannot attain through its mental processes, that unveiling and awareness are because of the divine Gift relating to the Essence, which was already mentioned in the chapter on Seth.

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