Among the properties of the spirit, which is a breath of the Merciful possessing life as one of its inherent attributes, is that it never passes over a thing from among the receptacles and it never touches anything with its form pertaining to the World of Image-Exemplars without that thing coming to life. But when that thing comes to life, the power of free disposal of the spirit will be according to that thing’s constitution and preparedness, not according to the spirit itself, for it is sacrosanct and has no fixed measure or particularized aspect. So if that thing possesses a harmonious constitution receptive to life, all of the properties of life in­ eluding sensation and movement will appear within it according to its particular constitution. And if not, then a trace of life will appear in it,  according to its form, like the low of the Calf as will be mentioned.

Do you not see that God’s breathing or the divine spirit breathed, into bodies made complete (and ready) to receive the breathing of the spirit, in spite of its being pure of the characteristics of those bodies and (in spite of) the elevation of its ontological level in itself and the fact that it is situated at a level where it is beyond being delimited by their attributes, how its free disposal, or the free disposal of the spirit within the body into which it has been breathed or within other things by means of the body, will be to the extent of the preparedness of that body which is breathed into and its receptivity, not in accordance with the spirit in itself? Do you not see how the Samaritan, when he understood the effect of the spirits upon that which they pass over and touch “seized a handful of dust from the messenger’s track” (cf. Qur’an), i.e., from the track of the Faithful Spirit, or Gabriel, whose image-exemplar had appeared upon Buraq, who was also a spirit appearing in the form of an image-exemplar?

So the spirit affected the dust which it had passed over, causing life to course through it, and the Samaritan knew this through his inner light and the power of his preparedness. So he seized a handful of dust from his track and cast it into the form of the Calf made from the ornaments of the people. So the Calf lowed after it came to life (cf. Qur’an), and that is the result of the preparedness of its constitution, which followed the form of the Calf. And had it been the form of another animal, the sound appropriate to that form would have been attributed to it.

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