Chapter Scripts

Surah Ya’sin: 36:61-70

36:61 And that you should worship Me [alone]? This would have been a straightway!

36:62 And [as for Satan] he had already led astray a great many of you, could you not, then, use your reason?

36:63 This, then, is the hell of which you were warned again and again. 

36:64 Endure it today as an outcome of your persistent denial of the truth!

36:65 On that Day We shall set a seal on their mouths – but their hands will speak unto Us, and their feet will bear witness to whatever they have earned [in life].

36:66 Now had it been, Our will [that men should not be able to discern between right and wrong], We could surely have deprived them of their sight, so that they would stray forever from the [right] way, for how could they have had insight [into what is true]?

36:67 And had it been Our will [that they should not be free to choose between right and wrong], We could surely have given them a different nature [and created them as beings rooted] in their places, so that they would not be able to move forward, and could not turn back.

36:68 But [let them always remember that] if We lengthen a human being’s days, We also cause him to decline in his powers [when he grows old], will they not, then, use their reason?

36:69 And [thus it is] We have not imparted to this [Prophet the gift of] poetry, nor would [poetry] have suited this [message], it is but a reminder and a [divine] discourse, clear in itself and clearly showing the truth.

36:70 To the end that it may warn everyone who is alive [of heart], and that the word [of God] may bear witness against all who deny the truth.

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