Chapter Scripts

Surah Sad 38:71-88

38:71 [For]  thy Sustainer said unto the angels, “Behold, I am about to create a human being out of clay;

38:72 and when I have formed him fully and breathed into him of My spirit, fall you down before him in prostration!” 

38:73 Thereupon the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together.

38:74 Save Iblis, he gloried in his arrogance, and [thus] became one of those who deny the truth.

38:75 Said He “O Iblis! What has kept thee from prostrating thyself before that [being] which I have created with My hands? Art thou too proud [to bow down before another created being], or art thou of those who think [only] of themselves as high?”

38:76 Answered [Iblis], “I am better than he, Thou hast created me out of fire, whereas him Thou hast created out of clay.”

38:77 Said He “Go forth, then, from this [angelic state] – for, behold, thou art henceforth accursed,

38:78 And My rejection shall be thy due until the Day of Judgment!”

38:79 Said [Iblis) “Then, O my Sustainer, grant me a respite till the Day when all shall be raised from the dead!”

38:80 Answered He: “Verily, so [be it:] thou shalt be among those who are granted respite

38:81 till the Day the time whereof is known [only to Me).”

38:82 [Whereupon Iblis) said “Then [I swear) by Thy very might: I shall most certainly beguile them all into grievous error.

38:83 [All) save such of them as are truly Thy servants!”

38:84 [And God) said “This, then, is the truth! And this truth do I state.

38:85 Most certainly will I fill hell with thee and such of them as shall follow thee, all together!”

38:86 SAY [O Prophet) “No reward whatever do I ask of you for this [message); and I am not one of those who claim to be what they are not.

38:87 This [divine writ], behold, is no less than a reminder to all the worlds.

38:88 and you will most certainly grasp its purport after a lapse of time!”

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