Chapter Scripts

Surah Ghafir 40:71-85

40:71 When they shall have to carry the shackles and chains [of their own making] around their necks: and are dragged. 

40:72 Into burning despair, and in the end become fuel for the fire [of hell].

40:73 And then they will be asked, “Where now are those [powers] to which you were wont to ascribe divinity. 

40:74 Side by side with God?” They will answer “They have forsaken us – or, rather, what we were wont to invoke aforetime did not exist at all!” [And they will be told] “It is thus that God lets the deniers of the truth go astray.

40:75 This is an outcome of your having arrogantly exulted on earth without any [concern for what is] right, and of your having been so full of self-conceit!

40:76 Enter [now) the gates of hell, therein to abide, and how vile an abode for all who are given to false pride!”

40:77 Hence, remain thou patient in adversity – for, verily, God’s promise always comes true. And whether We show thee [in this world] something of what We hold in store for those [deniers of the truth], or whether We cause thee to die [ere that retribution takes place – know that, in the end), it is unto Us that they will be brought back.

40:78 And, indeed, [O Muhammad] We sent forth apostles before thy time; some of them We have mentioned to thee, and some of them We have not mentioned to thee. And it was not given to any apostle to bring forth a miracle other than by God’s leave. Yet when God’s will becomes manifest, judgment will [already] have been passed in all justice, and lost will be, then and there, all who tried to reduce to nothing [whatever they could not understand].

40:79 It is God who [at all times works wonders for you: thus, He] provides for you [all manner of] livestock, so that on some of them you may ride, and from some derive your food.

40:80 And find [yet other] benefits in them; and that through them you may attain to the fulfillment of [many] a heartfelt need, for on them, as on ships, you are borne [through life].

40:81 And [thus] He displays His wonders before you, which, then, of God’s wonders can you still deny?

40:82 Have They, then, never journeyed about the earth and beheld what happened in the end to those [deniers of the truth] who lived before their time? More numerous were they, and greater in power than they are, and in the impact which they left on earth, but all that they ever achieved was of no avail to them.

40:83 For when their apostles came to them with all evidence of the truth, they arrogantly exulted in whatever knowledge they [already] possessed, and [so, in the end] they were overwhelmed by the very thing which they
were wont to deride.

40:84 And then, when they [clearly] beheld Our punishment, they said, “We have come to believe in the One God, and we have renounced all belief in that to which we were wont to ascribe a share in His divinity!”

40:85 But their attaining to faith after they had beheld Our punishment could not possibly benefit them – such being the way of God that has always obtained for His creatures, and so, then and there, lost were they who had denied the truth.

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