Chapter Scripts

Surah As-Saffat 37:91-100

37:91 Thereupon he approached their gods stealthily and said, “What! You do not eat [of the offerings placed before you]?

37:92 What is amiss with you that you do not speak?”

37:93 And then he fell upon them, smiting them with his right hand.

37:94 [But] then the others came towards him hurriedly [and accused him of his deed].

37:95 He answered “Do you worship something that you [yourselves] have carved. 

37:96 The while it is God who has created you and all your handiwork?”

37:97 They exclaimed, “Build a pyre for him, and cast him into the blazing fire!”

37:98 But whereas they sought to do evil unto him, We [frustrated their designs, and thus] brought them low.

37:99 And [Abraham] said, “Verily, I shall [leave this land and] go wherever my Sustainer will guide me!”

37:100 [And he prayed] “O my Sustainer! Bestow upon me the gift of (a son who shall be] one of the righteous!”

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