Chapter Scripts

Surah As-Saffat 37:161-170

37:161 For, verily, neither you [blasphemers] nor the objects of your worship. 

37:162 Can cause anyone to fall prey to your temptation. 

37:163 Unless it be such as rushes towards the blazing fire [of his own accord]!

37:164 [All forces of nature praise God and say] “Among us, too, there is none but has a place assigned to it [by Him].

37:165 And, Verily, we too are ranged [before Him in worship].

37:166 And, Verily, we too extol His limitless glory!”

37:167 And, Indeed, they [who deny the truth] have always been wont to say. 

37:168 If only we had a tradition [to this effect] from our forebears.

37:169 We would certainly be true servants of God.”

37:170 And yet, [now that this divine writ has been placed before them,] they refuse to acknowledge it as true! In time, however, they will come to know [what it was that they had rejected]. 

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