Chapter Scripts

Surah As-Saffat 37:131-140

37:131 Verify, thus do We reward the doers of good. 

37:132 For he was truly one of Our believing servants!

37:133 And, Behold, Lot was indeed one of Our message-bearers.

37:134 [And so] when [We decreed the doom of his sinful town] We saved him and his household. 

37:135 Except an old woman who was among those that stayed behind.

37:136 And then We utterly destroyed the others. 

37:137 And, Verily, [to this day] you pass by the remnants of their dwellings at morning-time. 

37:138 And by night. Will you not, then, use your reason?

37:139 And, Behold, Jonah was indeed one of Our message-bearers.

37:140 When he fled like a runaway slave onto a laden ship.

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