Chapter Scripts

Surah As-Saffat 37:101-110

37: l01 Whereupon We gave him the glad tiding of a boy-child gentle [like himself].

37:102 And [one day] when [the child] had become old enough to share in his [father’s] endeavors, the latter said, “O my dear son! I have seen in a dream that I should sacrifice thee, consider, then, what would be thy view!” [Ishmael] answered, “O my father! Do as thou art bid: thou wilt find me if God so wills, among those who are patient in adversity!”

37:103 But as soon as the two had surrendered themselves to [what they thought to be] the will of God, and [Abraham] had laid him down on his face. 

37:104 We called out to him “O Abraham. 

37:105 Thou hast already fulfilled [the purpose of] that dream vision!”Thus, verily, do We reward the doers of good. 

37:106 For, behold, all this was indeed a trial, clear in itself.

37:107 And, We ransomed him with a tremendous sacrifice.

37:108 And left him thus to be remembered among later generations. 

37:109 “Peace be upon Abraham!”

37:110 Thus do We reward the doers of good. 

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