Chapter Scripts

Surah Al-Humazah 104:1-9

In The Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace.

104:1 Woe unto every slanderer, fault-finder!


i.e., everyone who maliciously tries to uncover real or imaginary faults in others.

104:2 [Woe unto him] who amasses wealth and counts it a safeguard. 


This repetitive interpolation is necessary because the blameworthy attitude spoke of in verses 2-3 obviously belongs to a category entirely different from the two mentioned in verse 1.

104:3 Thinking that his wealth will make him live forever!


This is a metonym for the tendency to attribute an almost “religious” value to the acquisition and possession of material goods and facilities – a tendency which precludes man from giving any real importance to spiritual considerations (cf. note 1 on 102:1). My rendering of ‘addadahu in the preceding verse as “[he] counts it a safeguard” is based on Jawhari’s explanation of this term.

104:4 Nay, but [in the life to come such as] he shall indeed be abandoned to crushing torment!


Al-hutamah – one of several metaphors for the otherworldly suffering comprised within the concept of “hell’” (see note 33 on 15:43-44).

104:5 And what could make thee conceive what that crushing torment will be?


i.e., originating in their hearts – thus clearly alluding to the spiritual nature of the “fire” in the sinners’ belated realization of their guilt.

104:6 A fire kindled by God. 


Lit., “in extended columns”, i.e., overwhelming with despair.

104:7 Which will rise over the [guilty] hearts.

104:8 Verily, it will close in upon them.  

104:9 In endless columns!

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