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The Qur’an gives great importance to the institution of marriage. According to the Qur’an, the home is the first unit of any society and is the primary source of all kinds of valuable experiences. If the home is good, then the whole of society will automatically emerge as a good society. In the Qur’an, there are several verses to this effect, covering different aspects of the institution of marriage. In the chapter Al-Rum (The Romans), the Qur’an gives basic guidelines in this regard. The translation of one of these verses is as follows: Another of His signs is that He created for you from among yourselves spouses, so that you might find repose in them, and He created between you affection and kindness. Truly there are signs in this for people who reflect. (30:21)

In these verses, the Qur’an reveals an important law of nature, that is, that a man and a woman are the counterparts of each other. According to a saying of the Prophet, men and women are two equal halves of a single unit. A man and a woman as a pair can fulfill the real purpose of human life. According to this, man and woman are spiritual partners to each other. Mutual love and affection are the binding forces for both. Starting life as a pair enables them to have experiences of an elevated nature. In their daily meetings, they can share spiritual experiences and through discussion, they can plan their lives on a spiritual basis. They can find time for joint study. They can together embark on discovering broader areas of the spiritual world. Man and woman are born partners to each other. This natural pair has the enormous capacity to develop their personalities in terms of spirituality. The combination of a man and a woman gives both of them great opportunities to unfold the hidden treasure of spirituality in their nature. Both men and women are like cogwheels. One cog cannot move the wheel: the wheel of life can be moved only with the joint effort of both.

But there is a price to be paid for this. Without paying this price, no pair can move the wheel of life. This price, in a single word, is none other than adjustment. The fact is that in spite of all their similarities, both have been born with differences. The difference is a part of nature. There is no uniformity in the scheme of things in nature. So, we have no option but to learn the art of difference management. Man and woman are spiritual partners to each other. Mutual love and affection are the binding forces for both. One’s failure in this regard is tantamount to failure in life itself. If you want to develop your spirituality, try to adjust with your spouse. Spirituality is the highest goal one can aim to achieve. Without spirituality, man and woman are both incomplete. Spirituality gives you wisdom and strength. And both are necessary to have a successful life. Spirituality leads to personality development. And only developed personalities can attain the status of super achievers in this world.

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