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The Qur’an greatly emphasizes sound speech or straight speech. This is very important in social life. In the chapter Al-Ahzab (The Confederates) the Qur’an gives its guidance in this regard in these words: Believers, fear God and say straight speech. He will make your conduct sound and forgive you your sins. Whoever obeys God and His Messenger has indeed achieved a great success. (33:70-71)

The fear of God is not simply fear, fear of God makes you highly sincere, it makes you responsible, it makes you honest, and it is these qualities that make you able to speak in a sound manner. And there is no doubt about it that sound thinking has the greatest importance in terms of personality development as well as in terms of building a better society. Sound thinking leads to sound speech. Sound speech is one in which there is no confusion and which is based on facts. Sound thinking inculcates realistic thinking and it is a realistic to approach that leads to all kinds of success.

Sound speech or sound writing is easily understandable. It addresses people’s minds, it touches the heart of men and women. A sound thinker always speaks in the language of nature, and nature is common to both the speaker and the listener. It is this commonality that makes the speaking and writing of a sound thinker acceptable to all.  Sound thinking is always based on reason; sound thinking is a result of awakening your mind; sound thinking is an outcome of deep contemplation; sound thinking is free of all kinds of bias and prejudice. Due to this quality sound speech and sound writing reaches directly to the heart of the people. It has the power to change people’s character. It may revolutionize people’s minds. It is this quality of sound speech that can bring about reform in society. It has the power to build a healthier nation.

Sound speech or sound writing represents the whole personality of a man. Sound speech or sound writing is a sign of an integrated personality. It tells that a concerned person is an honest person. It means that what he is saying is not simply as lip-service on his behalf, but is his sincere opinion. He is free of hypocrisy. There is no difference between his thinking and his speaking. Sound speech or sound writing represents the whole personality of a man. Sound speech or sound writing is a sign of an integrated personality. A person having these qualities is a great asset for his society. His sound thinking is a guarantee that he will not create problems for his fellow beings. He will live as a trustworthy person. He will be free of the self-centered mentality. He will follow his conscience rather than his own interest. He will adopt a principled character. His sound thinking will make him sound in every aspect of life.

According to the Qur’an, sound speech or right speech is divine speech; it is like speaking the language of Paradise. Paradise is the place where only the right persons will find the entry, so one who follows this principle, is liable to seek double blessing by God. He becomes a good member of society in this world and in the Hereafter he will be accepted as a fortunate member of the society of Paradise.

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