Window Seat to the Charge Socket

From fighting for the window seat to fighting for the charge socket, we grew up together.

We are bringing here, the message of hope and it’s the hope of the present and future generations. If We ask you who is the best teacher? The best teacher who made your learning meaningful, someone who made learning interesting relevant, or fun? Maybe HE is someone who you would like. Today, We will like to introduce you to a teacher who is incredibly attractive, incredibly amazing, and incredibly beautiful. A teacher who teaches us so many things and it’s our God. And I would like to tell particularly today about what God teaches us about the principles of harmony. We see this harmony in the world around us all the time, maybe we haven’t seen it briefly. It’s in the beautiful geometric form of every single flower that has ever existed. It’s in the comings and goings of Venice, on its 80th cycle around our planet earth. It’s in the diatoms, these symmetrically divided items in our water, which actually get able to teach us how clean our water is. It’s in the Fibonacci spiral that we see in a snail shell, in a whirlpool, in a galaxy, in a curl of foam of fur, or even in our fingers. It’s in the hexagonal design of the bee honey cave, how on earth do they learn how to do that. It’s in the six-pointed snowflake; everyone is unique as every one of us. And it exists in the beautiful patterns of a butterfly, a butterfly that teaches us the best trick in the world as a transforms from a dioeciously consuming caterpillar, into a beautiful imperial enlightened butterfly. What a message that is for change. And of course, it is in every one of us in our ecosystems, where everything is interconnected; everything is joined up, where everyone in our system everything as a part of our system is valued and has a role to play. And this harmony is enough in our proportions, in our form in the way we work. We are nature. So what we do with this all information, we trash it, we pollute it, we degrade it, and two half of us in our surrounding we destroy it. We don’t learn enough from its harmony principles.

Harmony is an active but balanced state applicable to the natural world and human society. It reminds us that of course, this message of harmony has been with us for a very long, long time. It’s been understood by the great cultures, civilizations, and religions of the world, as it seems in Islamic art and its beautiful rose windows. Harmony replicates it in different forms. It caught me in thinking about what can we do to shift our teaching practices to put this message “every object always has some relationship with other objects like harmony” at the core of all that we do. In our schools, 21st-century learner searches interconnectivity between objects within teacher speaks, and the teacher doesn’t even practices his/her lesson on this base and allows 18th century imposed methodologies to cover 40 minutes of lecture to reach early to staffroom where the tea takes its place on the table with colleagues, without noticing his/her important and observable position in front of the student for the future. Well, the teacher teaches through inquiries of learning, inquiry means the seeking for truth and it’s a great way to learn bringing subjects together, interviewing them, and finding meanings for outcomes. The 21st-century child learns variables, the world around them, and intrigued them too. But of course, they grow further, they wanted to explore further in a field and they wanted to understand the bigger picture. In our school, when we learn about the earth and moon in space, we learn about its oral wonder. Did you know the magic in the numbers that one time, two times, three times four, four times five, five times six, six times seven are same like seven times eight, eight times nine, nine times nines, nine times ten, the mass of the radius of the earth and the moon together. And then from that learning, 21st-century kid student explores the order of the shapes and patterning of our solar system and puts it together to create this cosmoses pavement.

When the 21st-century learner explores the essential role of bees, they understand they work brilliantly together and more understandings about bees suggest them that if they have to work together like bees they have to be first calm, the calm to firstly reach the vacant top and then loud excitement will allow them its way.  It also acknowledges a learner come-back because they whisper as they walked down in the corridor to spin off its golden honey into jars. And of course, bees show us how to get the best results. When 21st-century learner learns about Antarctica, exploration always starts through the hexagonal shape of the snowflake. It’s part of learning about the all wonders of the ice and cold world, and it concludes with an exhibition. The part of the exhibition is carving ice sculptures to highlight the reality of climate change, so a learner thinks whole day about an ice-cold, it is usually wet, it is usually windy, but at the end of the day, they create something truly stunning. The harsh reality is probably within 24 hours, that ice scope has been melted and shorted and gone. We do a lot of feed grain, we grow right through the school from the youngest children to the oldest, and we grow full of fruit organically by the grain of nature. There are no pesticides, no fertilizers. When a 21st Century learner learns about ancient Egypt and the fact that they grew crops on a fertile piece of land on either side of the River Neil in the spring season, they grow and understandable in a defined space where living within limits means. In the summer, they celebrate their food through salads and they understand nature teaches us again and again that when we eat at the right times in chewing with the rhythms of nature. We eat in abundance and of course, the best bit is harvesting porches. Porches then grew in great diversity. When students look at the fruits and their labels and slice up their apples, they see the start of their next cycle through the seed of growing. From a day to day activity to a record-breaking level, from numerating the deck of playing cards of 52 playing cards in less than a minute to memorizing the pie value, most of us think that pie value is a 22/7, or it is 3.14, and it repeats after every six decimal places but it’s a long-tail reference like an elephant in the classroom.

It’s 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494944592301781640 up to 43,000 decimal places and so on up to infinity. Taking “s” as soul, a learner will never forget after the surprising beauty of mathematics and quantum physics for seven years old to draw to remember more. See the square about 50 chess boards as chess is an equalizer and each board is a mirror for viewers and each chess board has a different game, and every box of a single chessboard has again a different game in itself. Again wind thrills and nature swift away all the chess boards except three, and those three chess boards contain the centers of the chosen box, and wind again thrills and swifts off the other two centers among three centers and finally produces easy visibility for you, your destination. Now I wanted to grow big, not just only to lose less buy more, but to see the nation’s kids build their own companies where teaching will teach a thing to think like art to endeavor artists introducing design thinking to kill the germs that kill our schools and employment again turns fellowships like classmates upon secrets of understanding chess life.

Today, filling up new tea in empty cups. Don’t give a wrong turn of underestimation, nor our overestimation, we are going to reach the balance state going close to reality and we have the power of acceptance, the power that made us, THE SOCIETY. We sometimes need glasses for deaf people that, when activated, display subtitles when people are talking. Who is affected more by a break-up between a teacher and a student? The one who is still in love with knowledge. Heart an artist and you will see the masterpieces of what you have done. Sometimes, you need to talk to people younger than you to understand life again. All the world’s stage and especially most of us are unrehearsed. 7+2=9 but so does 5+4. The way you do things isn’t always the only way to do them. Respect other people’s way of thinking too. Design shouldn’t dominate things, shouldn’t dominate people. It should help people. That’s its role. We all have to firstly choose people over papers, and words over the conversation. Learn when to be aggressive and when to be patient…  


The divine scriptures are God’s beacons to the world. Surely God offered His trust to the heavens and the earth, and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man undertook it.
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