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Religious Media Features

The main characteristic of Islamic media all the time is being everywhere because the media are pervasive and can form a class without walls with billions of listeners. They create the task of protecting the environment and national unity among the components of society in response to environmental demands, they also transmit social heritage from one generation to another.  

Regulatory Feature | One of the main functions of news media, monitoring and protection of the environment include conveying news by the media which is essential for the economy and society.

Educational Feature or Cultural Transmission | The importance of the educational task of mass media in contemporary societies is to the extent to which some sociologists are granted a parallel training role or permanent education for the press, radio, television, and cinema.

Entertainment Features | Mass media and broadcast entertainment programs have determinant effects on the leisure behavior patterns of humans and in this way the person escapes his daily hard life and makes contact with the external environment.

Guidance and Leadership Features | Media is the full view mirror of public opinion in attracting people’s cooperation and participating them in social affairs.

DE Crisis Feature | The media can have an effective functioning on the reduction of different crimes such as identity crisis or threatening social stability events.

Notification Feature | In addition to transferring news and information, the Media analyzes news correctly and also describes them. A casual analysis of news phenomenon and informing people of the causes lead to the worldview of people.

Granting Social Base Feature | This means revealing or promoting groups and people bases by giving popularity to them.

Strengthening Collective Spirit, Harmonizing and Maintaining Group Cohesion | They strengthen mass media devices, social conscience, and common sense of belonging to believers all over the world and help to recover their religious identity behind other multiple identities. Their unity and cohesion based on shared religious principles rise in spite of the visible and invisible distances. The media causes to approach tastes, demands, and expectations of the community and brings them out of the age range.

Human in the Qur’an has been introduced both physically and mentally. Human is knowable with body and five senses physically. But it is contained of the spiritual and the most complex human soul dimension. In this dimension, the human has some kinds of soul like Sensuality or inciting nafs (an-nafs al-ʾammārah), The self-accusing nafs (an-nafs al-luwwāmah), The nafs at peace (an-nafs al-muṭmaʾinnah) and this type of self is the expression of human’s deep relationship with God. The most important and most popular thing to a man is himself.

Ethics scholars have insisted that man is dependent on himself more than anything and even with each injustice that he is inflicted on others, self-love is the same effect. So it is deserved that human recognizes the dearest jewel of existence in the first step of cognition. Human in the Qur’an is introduced as free and purposeful creature and considered as a right from God to him (Al-Kahf, 29). Guidance and showing the right and false ways are of these cases (Al-Insan, 3). Although God is an absolute right, no man is called forcefully and it is the human who must choose the right path by his authority.

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