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The rightful due of recitation is that you recite the Qur’an with burning, need, limpidness of heart, and pure belief, with a remembering tongue, a believing heart, and a limpid spirit—the tongue in remembrance, the heart in grief, the spirit with love; the tongue with loyalty, the heart with limpidness, the spirit with shame; the tongue in the work, the heart in the mystery, and the spirit in joy.

2:121 Those to whom We have given the Book and who recite it with the rightful due of recitation.

In remembrance, the servant reaches a place where the tongue reaches the heart, the heart reaches the spirit, the spirit reaches the secret core, and the secret core reaches the Light. The heart says to the tongue, ‘Silence!’ The spirit says to the heart, ‘Silence!’ The secret core says to the spirit, ‘Silence!’ God says to the traveler, ‘My servant, you have been speaking for a while. Now I will speak, you listen.


The divine scriptures are God’s beacons to the world. Surely God offered His trust to the heavens and the earth, and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man undertook it.
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