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Nvidia’s GeForce Now Game-Streaming Service

Tops 20 Million Gamers gave streaming services a try

Nvidia’s GeForce Now game-streaming service now has over 20 million registered users, up from over a million two years ago. 

Nvidia reported the stats in a Wednesday earnings call. “GeForce Now registered members now exceed 20 million,” said CFO Collete Kress. 

The growth signals that cloud gaming is gaining traction, at least for Nvidia. In February 2020, the company brought GeForce Now out of beta when the service had(Opens in a new window) just over 1 million users. Since then, it’s seen significant growth amid a pandemic and historic GPU shortage.

Nvidia offered the service as a way for consumers to play PC games without the need to own expensive hardware. The system works by letting people access an Nvidia server, which can stream the games to an Android, macOS, or Windows device. The main requirement is a 15Mbps or higher internet connection. For a better-quality cloud-gaming experience, users also need to pay(Opens in a new window) starting at $9.99 per month or $49.99 for six months of access.  

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