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10:35 Say: Is there any of those whom you associate who guides to the Real?

Real is one of the names of the Lord. The commentary is that in truth He is God; He is worthy of Godhood, and His measure is in place. What was, is, and will be must go, but He subsists. He is found in the hearts of friends and known to the spirits of the recognizers. He does not accept alteration or change of state, and He is everlasting in worthiness for Godhood.

The name Real often comes forth from the tongue of the Folk of the Tariqah. This is because upon witnessing the acts, this group began to witness the attributes, and then, upon witnessing the attributes, they fell to witnessing the Essence. First, they gazed on the artisanry, then they passed beyond the artisanry and gazed on the attributes, then again they passed from gazing on the attributes to gazing on the Essence.

About gazing on the artisanry He says, “Have they not gazed upon the dominion of the heavens and the earth?” [7:185]. About gazing on the attributes He says, “Thou art not upon any task, neither dost thou recite any of the Qur’an nor do you do any deed unless We are witnesses over you when you go forth into it” [10:61]. About gazing on the Essence He says, “Say ‘God,’ then leave them” [6:91].

About gazing on the acts Muṣṭafā said, “I seek refuge in Thy pardon from Thy punishment.” About gazing on the attributes he said, “I seek refuge in Thy approval from Thy anger.” About gazing on the Essence he said, “I seek refuge in Thee from Thee.” Then he passed beyond his own seeing and became disengaged from his own attributes, and he spoke from the station of annihilation: “I do not number Thy laudations.” Again, he stepped higher to the station of subsistence and gave a mark of the reality of solitariness. He said, “Thou art as Thou hast lauded Thyself.”

First is the station of inference, second the station of poverty, third the station of contemplation, fourth the station of life, and fifth the station of subsistence. The Pir of the Tariqah alluded to the closeness of these meanings when he said, “O resurrection of the marks bearing witness and destruction of the traces! The recognizer is alive through his own nonbeing. O Splendorous and Self-Standing, everyone hopes for vision, and I am lost in vision. When the flood reaches the ocean, what then is known of the flood? The world is full of day, and the poor blind man is deprived.”

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