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27:80 Surely thou wilt not make the dead to hear.

In reality, life is three things, and any heart that is empty of these three things is in fact carrion and counted as dead: the life of fear along with knowledge, the life of hope along with knowledge, and the life of friendship along with knowledge. The life of fear keeps a man’s skirt pure of defilement, his eyes awake, and his road straight. The life of hope keeps a man’s steed quick, his traveling supplies complete, and the road near. The life of friendship makes a man’s measure great, his secret core free, and his heart happy. Fear without knowledge is the fear of the Khawarij, hope without knowledge is the hope of the Murji’ah, and friendship without knowledge is the friendship of the libertines.

Anyone who combines these three traits with knowledge will reach a pure life and be released from death. The Lord of the Worlds says, “We shall surely give him to live a goodly life [16:97]. I will make them live a pure life, disowned of self and free of the whole world.”

Disown everything in the realm of being—

be that Heart-taker’s “companion of the cave.”

The chevaliers are those to whom He gave access to face-to-face vision, and they made do with that. When the veil was lifted, they turned away from all creation.

27:93 Say: “Praise belongs to God. He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them.”

This road can be traversed with three-way stations: first showing, then traveling, then being pulled. Showing is this: “He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them.” Traveling is what He said: “And He created you in stages” [71:14]; “You shall surely ride stage after stage” [84:19]. Being pulled is what He said: “Then He drew close, so He came down” [53:8]. About showing, He said in the case of Abraham, “We were showing Abraham the dominion of the heavens and the earth” [6:75]. Again, He spoke of traveling on the part of Moses: “Surely with me is my Lord; He will guide me” [26:62]. He spoke of being pulled in the case of Muṣṭafā the Arab: “Who took His servant by night” [17:1].

Take a step outside of yourself so that the road may become clear and your Companion may appear to you. Have you not heard the words spoken: “O gone out of yourself without reaching the Friend! Do not let your heart be tight, for in each breath your companion is He. Exalted is he who is scarred by Him! On His road is he who has His lamp! This is why the Lord of the Worlds said, ‘So he is upon a light from his Lord’ [39:22].”

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