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& Vitis Vinifera

English name: Grape

Arabic name: Inab

Urdu name: Angoor

Family: Vitaceae | Distribution: Asia, North America, and Europe under subtropical, Mediterranean

Part used: Fruits, leaves

Medicinal Uses | The common grape V. vinifera is a historically important plant. Resveratol, a non-flavanoid biomolecule is found in significant quantities in red wine and has been reported to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Additionally, the topical application of high resveratrol from grape seed extract was shown to accelerate wound healing in mice, which was attributed to modulation of the redox-sensitive processes that drive dermal tissue repair. It has been proposed that alkaloids and terpenoids may provide astringent, antifungal, or antimicrobial properties that may be of benefit to the progression of the wound healing cascade. Anthocyanins, leucoanthocyanins, and other polyphenols have been demonstrated to have significant antioxidant properties which also can be of benefit in the progression of wound healing.


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