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When you have a splinter, you want to get it out as quickly as you can. Left embedded in the skin, splinters can cause an infection. You can usually unlodge a splinter using a sterilized needle and tweezers. When you have it out, disinfect the area with Kloss’s Liniment, tea tree essential oil, or a  similar disinfectant. If the splinter doesn’t come out, you have a few options.

What to Do

You can use any of several techniques to draw the splinter to the surface of the skin, where you can pluck it out. To begin, soak the area in the hottest water you can bear. Adding Epsom salts is helpful, as the salts have a drawing action. Do this several times a day. If a hot soak doesn’t work, apply a thick clay pack (use green or red clay) directly on the spot once or twice a day for several hours. If a splinter resists to coming out, and the area begins to redden and to feel hot or painful, an infection is taking root. Seek help from a health care professional.


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