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The inability to digest foods creates sluggish elimination, gas, and poor assimilation of nutrients. Poor digestion and pain and gas in the abdomen are usually a result of poor eating habits, low-quality food, and stress. Therefore, indigestion responds well to lifestyle changes. Low levels of digestive enzymes and intestinal flora can also cause digestive problems.

What to Do

Before changing your diet or adding supplements and herbs, try these simple suggestions:

  • Say a prayer before your meal; honor the food that you’re about to eat.
  • Chew slowly and thoughtfully. If engaging in conversation, keep your voice quiet and conversation peaceful.
  • Don’t rush through your meal. Enjoy it as if it were your  last one.
  • Don’t drink cold fluids with your meal; in fact, it’s best not to drink immediately before or after a meal. If you must drink with your meals, drink liquid at room temperature. It is best not to drink coffee, black tea, or sodas with meals.
  • Be careful what foods you combine at meals. Combining carbohydrates and protein ensures gas and putrefaction in the system. Educate yourself about food combinations that aid digestion.

In addition to changing your habits:

  • Drink a cup of peppermint and chamomile tea ½ hour before and after meals.
  • Buy a ready-made digestive bitter (available at health food stores), or make your own digestive bitter tincture . Take a dose with every meal.
  • Add fresh ginger and cayenne to your food, or drink a warm tea made with them if you have slow digestion.
  • Take papaya enzymes with meals to aid digestion.
  • Take a daily supplement of acidophilus. It restores weak intestinal flora and is readily available at natural food stores.
  • Combine carminative seeds to chew at and between meals. Dill, cardamom, anise, fennel, and cumin are all very helpful for reducing gas and bloated stomachs.

Digestive Bitter Tincture

  • 2 parts fennel
  • 1 part artichoke leaf
  • 1 part dandelion root
  • 1 part motherwort
  • ½ part ginger
  • Mix the herbs and prepare as a tincture.
  • Take ½–1 teaspoon before and after meals.


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