Natural Arguments

Holy Qur’an, Almighty God revealed onto The Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), is full of divine blessings as natural arguments that we may ponder over its verses, and that men of understanding may remember, and for those, who are endowed with insight may take them to heart.

Modern theological science is a substantiation of religious dogmas with due regard for contemporary intellect or a presentation of Islamic teachings according to modern rational methods. First, we must ascertain exactly what this contemporary intellect is. Contemporary intellect is synonymous with scientific intellect, or that intellect that emphasizes the importance of the essential nature of things. The scientific revolution has had a profound effect on human thought the reason is that scientific theories are required to be based on experiment and observation rather than on hypothesis and analogy.

The upheaval of the present age has occurred because of the discovery of the realities of nature. All things, from the bicycle to the airplane, from light bulbs to huge factories, operate on the basis of these natural realities. This is the revolution that has, in fact, stolen the limelight in our modern age, for it has affected every department of human life, and has likewise altered modes of speech. For thousands of years, the man was engaged in a futile attempt to turn iron into gold by means of highly secret formulas. Now, thanks to the discovery of natural realities, iron that is converted into machines are more precious than gold. Since the progress of modern man has been due to his discovery of realities, he is bound to attribute importance only to that theory that is supported by these realities.

This difference between the modern and ancient intellect may be understood by means of a simple example.  Around fifty years ago such terms as “family prescription”, “hereditary cure”, “royally mixed medicine” etc., used to carry great weight with physicians.  If any of these were used with respect to any medicines, it meant that they contained hidden properties.  Nowadays, however, these terms have no value. Doctors today will not use this outdated terminology when explaining the efficacy of a certain medicine.  Rather they will point out that the particular product has been prepared scientifically and that its advantages have been ascertained by means of established evidence and experiments, the validity of which can always be tested by repetition.

The very phrase “family cure” implies that its medicinal properties are not open to general investigation and that the connection between illness and cure has not been ascertained by any specific experiments. Rather its acceptability is attributable to its wide usage over a long period of time. Today’s customer seeks a product that has been manufactured on scientific lines. Likewise, it is only those ideas whose truth is verified by natural realities that he is ready to accept.

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