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Media-Operational Words and Terms

Islamic Education

Education word is used not to mean accustoming and nor learning, giving advice and adding but in the sense associated with terms such as growth, guidance, discipline, purification, wisdom, salvation, good, praise and mention apply, which means providing conditions for health, vitality, and maturity of all human forces. It can be said: “People should arrange in a manner that complies with the purposes stated in the Qur’an and hadith”.


Media is a means that the sender sends to the receiver with the help of that desired concept (message). In other words, the media is a means to carry the message from the sender to the recipient. On the other hand, Media can be considered a technology that should not be mechanized necessarily. Oriented definition of media is changing audience behavior by using the media. The media are people, tools, or positions by which messages are provided. The purpose of media in the study is new mass media that is known as one of the manifestations of modern civilization.

Individual Requirements

The requirement means establishing something, charging someone with duty, and forcing him/her literally and idiomatically includes the commandments of human life. Islam, a series of theoretical and practical knowledge, including beliefs, ethics, guidelines focused on conduct worship, mystical and commandments is watching individual and social behaviors. Religion tells people how to think and how to act. The purpose of individual requirements, in this study there are should and shouldn’t that a Muslim person observes in individual requirements namely one’s relationship with God, self, others, the world, life, and the hereafter.


Interaction means transacting with each other literally. Conceptually, it indicates the relationship between actions which is getting by the special relationship between operators (for example, based on contrast or completion). The concept of engagement is the starting point for the so-called interactional theories in which the exchange process is understood in terms of trade-offs and the meaning of social skill or as an interpretive and conceptual mediation.

The Relationship between Religion and Science

Worship is of important religious teachings that reach to the fullest of its form by influencing the knowledge which leads to action to its meanings. The result of scientific knowledge and the perfection of worship causes to God love be created in pervasive heart by science to divine blessings, then piety and fear of God formed by the science to the power of almanac and authority of God which says in the Qur’an: “Only those of His bondmen who possess knowledge fear Allah. “High place of worship and its importance in the mission of God’s messengers is why the worship answers a series of major and minor human needs including the need for immortality, the need for familiarity, need to love and respect. Discrete education of worship is associated with a few areas, such as ethnic, racial, class, geographical, religious relations, etc. The produced areas provide unsuitable and devastating factors inside and outside of these areas that are superficial and contradictory and keep the man alone and sacrifice him to alienation, powerlessness, panic, and anxiety. Only the relationship of servitude leads to a link with God and thereby unites the axis of friendship on an axis and joined all areas together as consensus and peacefulness in human life. Separation and lack of worship concept in new education lead to confusion, shortages, and contradictory reactions. Education comes to circulation based on worshiping wealth.

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