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Justified Judgements upon Areas and Fields

Judgment is the minimum required relationship about human relations. When enmities flame and people felt a victim to anger that leads to hatred, oppression, and aggression. Staying on this point and its regard is a golden and good opportunity. In cases where the effect of Islamic education is weakened and its virtues and values are limited to guide human relations networks and by adherence to it, it is probable to involved in a crisis or when lusts are motivated like staying on this level is a good opportunity (Al-Ma’ida, 8). When a person or a group judges between two people, the relationship between a human with other humans is a justice relationship.

In this case, beneficence is not replaced with justice because it cannot be encountered with other rights and assets by generosity (An-Nisa 58 and Ash-Shura 15). The areas of justice are widespread in accordance with the development of human attachments areas. First, this area starts with self then is the family area like the relationship between parents and children (An-Nisa 3). After that, it is the relative’s area (Al-An’am 153) and the nation area (Al-Hujurat 9). In the following, it is humanity area (An-Nisa 58). The extension of justice relationship in human relations is the result of intellectual experience and cultural development and is the outcome of lack of justice relationship, retardation, disability, and reliance on others that live like the parasite and suck others blood inside the society and lives such as weeds outside the society and are encumbrance of nations and causes to lose people’s independence and freedom (An-Nahl 76).

The survival of the best is the high level of relationship with others and in other words, makes a sincere friendship. The relationship of mutual interests creates the low level of this relationship, enmity, and indifference. The struggle relationship and survival of the best is derived from Darwin’s evolutionary theory about the origin of living creatures that will develop in new civilization and even were drawn to the ethical and social aspects of life. In the following of pragmatic thinking, the originality of benefit and profit overshadowed contemporary education and led to industrial slavery, social and moral illnesses in human relations. In Islam, human relations with other humans is so wide-spreading that does not consider the beliefs or race and should not mix believers relationship with believers by humans relation with humans because believer relationship with the believer is a brotherly relationship but human relationship with human is a relationship by all different races and thinking based on justice and beneficence.

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