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Islamic Education in Interaction and Media Use

To analyze the views and teachings of Islam and the Islamic religion in order to determine the requirements of interaction and media use, we should know the qualitative kind and content analysis approach done based on the study of Islamic texts and sources associated with the media. Because of the multiplicity and diversity of sources for better organization, it was used all available for print and digital writing. The data collection method was a library and accordingly, used the resources available in libraries, databases, and electronic Journals, and slip and form data collection tools were developed by researchers.

In order to analyze the data, first, the theoretical foundations should be examined through the study of literature and taking notes and then using content analysis concepts and major themes that are categorized and extracted according to the individual relationship with God, self, others, the world, life, and life about Media. To increase the credibility of the analysis of people’s out-of-range use and after review, the reformation was carried out. The results and findings show that by deeply looking at the Islamic religious teachings can introduce a human and society which would help him/her in the recognition and interaction with tools such as Media and before this powerful communication tool fades and captures human with its own graces and creates a dependency in his/her behavior, it uses media in line with human and Islamic goals better.

Among these, the special attention to interactive approach and competition, due to the growing trend and unpredictable emerging technologies is reflected against Attraction approaches, avoiding or apathy. Also extracting Islamic requirements in interaction with media causes to prevent, security and reliability of the Muslim movement and vaccinating him/her in the stormy sea of media waves and hide and reveal goals/targets. What was taken for granted, rich Islamic teachings in interaction with the media provides individual requirement dimensions in order to facilitate the person’s relationship with God, self, others, the world, life, and the Hereafter, strengthen and the better background of his/her self-management in interaction with any man-made instrument including the mass media?

Training a man is a necessity and involves its time since the birth till the last moments of life, education is not a technical skill, not a science, but the power of self-management, the ability to resist the irascibility effects and also stability against the greedy machinations of others and influential men. So education which is addressing will more than knowledge, gives importance to thinking manner rather than thinking subject, time, place, and gender range and pays attention to all existing elements of human (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and spiritual) because the essence is hidden in human being that the more he/she grows, finds himself/herself smaller and the God the bigger. With depth looking at the media developments we notice that nowadays Information technology has a direct or indirect effect on all components and structures and seeks human and new organizational relations. The scope and depth of penetration of media in all economic, cultural, political, religious, educational aspects has folded the life of modern humans and flaunts in his/her body and soul.

Today, one of the most important undeniable events of recent decades is a significant expansion of media and information and communication technologies and cyberspace in the areas of culture and education that has become a serious and companion competitor with real education and with the passage of time and place has put a lot of opportunities and challenges for users and decision-makers of the media and education to be faced with them.

Islam and the Qur’an, the eternal miracle of God’s Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) that introduces this religion as the last one and completion of the Divine Religions (Al-Ma’ida, 3) is seeking to introduce the perfect man in all his aspects because he introduces him as the noblest creature and his own Khalifa on the Earth (Al-Baqara, 30). His difference with other creatures is Hidden in the power of his intellection and understanding in which its divine spirit has been blown (Al Imran, 59). So with a deep recognition based on religious teachings and considering its individual and collective requirements can do basic actions to introduce the perfect man and a unified Islamic society and minimize or thwart plans and conspiracies of the enemies of a religion Muslim man by their own used tools. Surveying education and development based on the development of information and communication technology in contemporary period causes a special look and a great foresight and in this regard, it needs holistic and expert people who by understanding the circumstances of the time complete their own toolbox to pass important gaps of decision-making and moving to healthiness.

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