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Emotion-symbolic work comprises the usage of symbols in multimodal interaction which helps with the management of emotions and the energy of the target market to awaken the spirit of doing something for the cause. Apart from social enterprises, emotional-symbolic work can also be applied in different contexts.

Social change based on influence. Symbols play an important role in influencing people to change their attitudes towards various issues. Symbols have been used by management executives to prompt the employees or colleagues to back a different strategy that is being introduced. On the other hand, it was seen that different types of social-symbolic structures played a role in persuading the workers which included institutional work, emotional work, and culture-based work. In this way, multiple emotion-symbolic work actions which are to be performed by the entrepreneurs are noticed. The social entrepreneurs performing these activities will be working on producing and disseminating visual symbols which will be accompanied by multimodal interactions to enhance the meaning of the symbols and entrench them into social constructs. Emotion-symbolic work plays a very vital role in influencing society which is a tool for social entrepreneurs to persuade individuals to enforce their values.

Social Entrepreneurship and emotions. The role played by empathy and compassion in an entrepreneur is found to be vital for social entrepreneurship. Emotions are often seen as accelerators when it comes to institutional change. Emotional resonance in the field of social entrepreneurship is being studied in the current study where compassion is being looked at in terms of its potential to create an action for both the entrepreneur and the possible support system that will exist. Based on habit and social constructs, emotional affection is vital where individuals need to be convinced of their wrong behavior and for them to accept that there needs to be a change in their habits by stepping out of their comfort zone. Although the majority of the previous studies have been conducted on the positive side of emotions in social entrepreneurship, this chooses to focus on the more negative or a more mixed form of emotions. It is noted that whilst guilt can play a motivating role, it can also act as a deterrent and discourage people by alienating them toward the cause.

Multimodality along with visual images. Visual images provide a more sensory experience and can make the meaning clear by displaying more complexities in one frame. Despite this, normalizing an image can take away from the impact it is meant to create. It can make people inefficient by becoming too depressing for them to do anything about it. For compassion to transform into action there needs to be the belief that an individual can work towards being effective and providing value to society. Multimodal emotions play a role in overcoming the problem by encouraging the participants to act by resolving the negative emotions and utilizing the visuals that they have been shown. The effectiveness of crowdsourcing is the main technology to implement design thinking by studying online crowdsourcing events for Young people suffering from HIV/AIDs that ladened design thinking capabilities and were asked to come up with solutions for HIV/AIDS.

Five mechanisms were brought up as results of complex problem-solving. These mechanisms include ideation, Observational Learning, Knowledge Filtering; Knowledge Creation; and Knowledge abrasions in ideation, the youth came up with several ideas to fight HIV/AIDs. Observing these ideas and going through them led these youth to have observational learning. These ideas started to form a connection and lead to learning. As ideas increased, the youth were also allowed to filter out ideas through voting. This filtering out helped improve the quality of the solution. Through this, the people were able to indulge in knowledge co-creation as they were able to refine the already present solutions and collaboratively coming with new solutions. As more solutions came, more ideas were rejected and selected as well. This allowed different of the same solutions to come up as well. This allowed new insights to come up and a novel solution to produce.


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