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The Qur’an records divine disapproval of illogical arguments and the making of baseless allegations. According to Islamic teaching, one must express one’s views with solid arguments, and all one’s statements must be reason-based. As far as the making of allegations is concerned, it is taboo in Islam. This is made clear in the chapter Al-Qalam (The Pen) of the Qur’an. The relevant verses are translated as follows: Do not yield to any contemptible swearer of oaths or to any defamer or one who spreads slander, or to one who places obstacles in the way of good being done. (68:10-12)

These verses imply that the offenders are non-believers, for a true believer is not allowed to indulge in this kind of behavior. If anyone claims that he is a Muslim and at the same time uses the language of an allegation, he is behaving like those who are without the Islamic fold. The truth is that everyone is accountable before God. According to the Qur’an, every word spoken by a person is instantly recorded by angels (50:18). This record prepared by angels will be produced before God Almighty on the Day of Judgement when He will give His verdict and award severe punishment to those who failed to adhere to divine principles.

A reasoned statement is the mark of the pious man. As opposed to this, irrational argument or using the language of allegation is the sign of an irresponsible person or one who has become morally deviant. It is the former who can be called a man, while the latter is nothing but an animal in the form of a man. The behavior mentioned in the above Qur’anic verses is a form of character assassination. Character assassination is a sign of complete defeat. One who feels that he has been defeated in the field of argument and reasoning adopts this retaliatory form of response. Character assassination is a kind of revenge and revenge is not the proper way to meet a challenge. Moreover, making allegations is a very risky game, for it can act like a boomerang.

Alleging something is no better than telling a lie, and there is no greater sin in Islam than lying. One who stoops to the baseless allegations is little better than a liar. And anyone who is a liar is worthless in the eyes of God. All of his efforts will go into the litterbin and that is surely not going to produce any positive result.  The above Qur’anic verses refer to the contemporary people who freely made allegations against others, who might very well have been innocent of any wrongdoing. Like other teachings of the Qur’an, this is also an eternal principle applicable in every age to every person, including those who claim to be Muslim, although they do not follow the above Qur’anic advice.

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