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Human Relationship with the World

The relationship that Islamic education wants to establish between humans and the world is conquest relationship which originates from the human relationship with God, thralldom. Conquest means work and free service literally. But idiomatically, it means God has given the power to humans, employs the phenomena of nature without paying any price to God, and uses them in terms of human resources in various spheres of life.

Of course, nature does not serve humans freely unless when one finds out how to perform orders in the phenomena of nature and its elements. Performance includes knowing the rules that govern the elements and phenomena. God created the world to serve man but has stipulated to not follow humans unless when reads it by a certain way and if the way except this method reads him, he disobeys. Therefore, by increasing knowledge rather than divine rules in the creation, the conquest will increase.

The Aim of Epistemology is human’s certainty to the affairs that Quran verses say about the greatness of God’s creation in beings which leads to knowledge and absolute power of God and causes to worship.

Human target | The resulted target is the survival of humankind and enjoying the blessings of God and His mercy to view the range of human love and gratitude he turned to God.

Social goal | It includes that in understanding the laws, human soul and society be mastered and be aware of the danger of opposition with laws in the hope that he accepts that in the society if people do not take the responsibilities that God has imposed on the behavior and relationship between them. Because of repressing moral and divine laws, the human soul and society also will fall (An-Nahl 12-14 and Al-Jathiya 12-13 and Al-Talaq 12 and Saba 6 and Ar-Rum 9).

Conquest areas of nature are related to the relationship of humans with God and its dimensions are limited to triple elements of nature: Sensible weather (Sky), concrete ground, the available water in the ocean, and seas.

Many of these sub-areas emerge: Including the heavens and the stars that are inhuman conquest and his power to discover their laws and benefits in scientific and practical life (Ar-Ra’d 2, An-Nahl 12, Luqman 29, Fatir 13-15, Az-Zumar 5).

The first conquest means are ears, eyes, and mind, Qur’an encourages us to use these means properly to achieve the nature keys (Al-Isra, 36). The second conquest means is narrow-mindedness in the components of the world and nature in which the Qur’an will remember them in numerous positions with the heavens and the earth. The third conquest means is worthy exploitation of observations results of the heavens and earth content and whatever is in the world that leads into the realization of the relationship that is the same thanking God to use his infinite blessings.

The relationship that Islamic education makes between humans is justice means justice, and mercy means grace and increase in good behavior and the Holy Qur’an also refers to this topic (An-Nahl, 90).

This relationship includes the practical application of the social appearance of thralldom relationship, that’s, it draws the human relationship with God.

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