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Human Relationship with the Afterlife

The human relationship with the afterlife is a responsibility and reward relationship. When the duration of the prescribed life for test and human affection on earth will end. It comes about the result of a test in the afterlife which is his eternal and perpetual place. The intention of responsibility is that every human has taken to task by the details of what has been tested in the world field and his penalty and place will be figured based on the success or failure in this responsibility, eternal happiness in heaven, or permanent suffering in the fire that God swears to ask all of what they are doing (Al-Hijr 92-93). Also, the human sees a bit of his good or bad work (Az-Zalzala 7-8).

Responsibility is embodied in two forms: First, if a human is alone and discrete from the relationship with thralldom does not stay in moderation and in terms of status, power and wealth are seen by eyes (Al-Alaq 6-8). Its examples are the refractoriness people and governments during the history that by achieving the above factors in mind and behavior have rebelled. So the responsibility role has been remonstrated and notes that this independence is temporary, and there is a return which rebellious people will be remonstrated by their big and small deeds. The second form of responsibility is rooted in the depths of one’s soul and is the source of his genesis. God’s subjective verses (Ayah) or contemporary psychology have determined that human has enjoyed the responsibility and to appropriate it, devotion pleases him that would explain the manifestation of this issue in the form of the love phenomenon is giving not taking and introducing its appearances not only in worldly space that in the spiritual space where the person sacrifices his life to give life to others.

Levels of responsibility include trust and remonstrance of prophets to perform their mission (Al-Ma’ida 109-116). Other level includes religious, intellectual, political, economic, educational leaderships and so on that even contains women and men’s responsibility in the family. The next level is the nation’s responsibility to the missions it has reached them (Az-Zukhruf 54). The other level includes individual responsibility to himself and questions of his life, youth, wealth, and deed. The Holy Quran clearly states that people will be questioned on how to use hearing, visual and intellectual force (Al-Isra 36).

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