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“Passion, motivation, and that burning spirit to bring a change all comes from within your core, which pushes you towards greatness. That is what the GDSC FAST Core Team aspires to and continues to do.

The Core Team is divided into 6 integral domains, each led by an individual as unique as the next.

Blueprint | FAST NUCES

We aim to achieve new heights in this community and for those visions to come to reality, there needs to be a leader who is committed to the task. Whether it be strenuous work in coordinating an event or mastering the art of baking, FAREEBA SUNDAS can Get. It. Done! Her dedication and all-rounded qualities make her the perfect lead for Team Get it done to bring our plans to the test of management!

Najam Aqeel understands the “it” factor that runs the heart of communities; to keep a constant engagement between the people, for the benefit of the people. “Everywhere you go, you see GDSC FAST PWR’s face“? Yup, that’s Najam and his Team Engagement’s mastery to keep the community rising to the top to benefit everyone all around!

Meet Irsa K. Lead for Team Udaan. “Udaan” means to rise, as gracefully as an eagle, up in the sky above all to lead towards something different. And that is what Irsa aims to do and is doing; to empower the women around her by setting an example that yes, GIRLS CAN, girls can code, design, be pioneers in tech and lead their teams to success.

Saad Rahman, the Lead for Team Devs holds the cyborg-like capabilities to excel at the field of technical development that he understands is important to teach and bring a practical platform to. An active member online of the technical community, he’s working hard to bring a wave of change to Fast PWR’s tech ecosystem by enabling students to unleash their technical potential.

Whatever platform you’re accessing this Core Team introduction from, Armghan Ahmad🇵🇰 works hard to Lead Team Social Ninjas to bring this and all other important GDSC FAST PWR updates to you faster than you can say ninja (his team is stealthy like that!). You see, everyone uses social media but to excel at it in a user base of millions to keep YOU up ahead with this wonderful community could not be done better by anyone else!

Blueprint | FAST NUCES

When you think of art, colors, creativity, and a unique point of view, you get the Lead for Team Funkaar: Sudais Khan. You can hold all the events you want, and bring whatever new idea you have on the table but until and unless those ideas are transformed into vivid graphics and immersing photographs, what would you have to show for it? Sudais, equipped with both a qualified skill set and a creative mind is leading this team of visionaries to enable this community to visually grab your attention at the command of color!”

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