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Functioning and Manufacturing Consent Art

Many of today’s top media are affiliated with or owned by big businesses and the most important objective is to control the flow of information. By more studying media and the output of its products, overt and covert goals of designers and its operators will appear. The media on the horizon of their schedule not only direct how to treat people that look to how people think. In media ads, there is new art in a democracy that is called Manufacturing Consent Art. It can be overcome by the fact that apparently a lot of people have a choice. There is a look in the media with domination thought that considers others as ignorant and should entertain them.

Today, the relationship has turned into notifications and does not seem live. Many media such as TV, radio, magazines, and many articles have become the one-way direction for distribution of different ideas and however, their relationship is vital but has no interaction with message senders. Among the broad spectrum of modern media is entering into the world of the Internet, this device was the first mass media that did not discriminate for publishers. First, there was a true communication medium in which there was a balance between the sending and receiving of information.

People feel freer in the Internet communication experience. Suddenly, Internet streaming went to the notification space from the communication space and the equal chance of all human beings faltered in participation and collective wisdom. The massive influx of people and governments to Internet activities led media domination operators to it. They marginalized active and interactive communication by replacing notification tricks and changed the communication age into the information age basically and developed ads for homes and audiences. The influx to this side convinced newcomers to the Internet that the Internet is a complex place where without guidance will be lost. It is obvious that it was made endeavors to enhance the quality of sound, image, and TV texts on the computer and mobile phones. The result of endeavors manifests the competition to acquire information on human relations that warns the need for informed participation and knowledge of Islamic requirements. Our more information are formed through today mass media with a variety of psychological techniques and procedures and on the basis of appropriate strong media audience with the aim of sending and managing. As a result of the epidemic power of media, people can hardly distinguish unreal situations.

Even when we mindfully understand this program, writing or film are biased completely, we involve in this kind of physical and emotional stress in self and control of the media and operators. The media look in most situations refers to this point that in any case, I am a winner because it cannot find the sound, though, writing way where I have opposes. More importantly, the media support each other in their functions and then with their rapid influx corner whatever prevents them and force human beings to accept voluntarily or forcefully. They promote a kind of single and uniform attitude and resistances just change and go astray.

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