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Qur’an is a divine book. It was revealed to Muhammad, the Prophet, in the first quarter of the seventh century. Its language is Arabic. There are in all one hundred and fourteen chapters in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a book with a difference. The Qur’an deals with almost all the issues related to mankind.

Its language is very simple. Its clarity is par excellence. The first two verses of the first chapter are like this: All praise is due to God, the Lord of the Universe, the Beneficent, the Merciful. (1:1-2)

These two verses represent the gist of the Qur’anic message. It means that man should acknowledge God as the Creator, as the Sustainer, and as compassionate to all His Creatures. This is the beginning of divine knowledge. This determines the right way of life for man in this world. The last two verses of the last chapter are like this: (I seek divine refuge from) Who whispers into the hearts of people,—among the jinn and among men. (114:5-6)

The above reference from the last Qur’anic chapter tells us that in the present world man has to face great challenges from Satan and bad people in terms of waswasa. Waswasa means misleading whisper. This is the greatest problem. Every human being lives with those evil persons who by the way of whisper always try to mislead and deviate him from the right path. Every human being, both men and women, faces this challenge constantly. A man should realize this challenge and must meet this challenge with intellectual awakening and with determination.

Every human being lives between two contradictory forces. On the one hand, man is helped by God and His angels; this force is a blessing for man and it works as a positive force. It gives light and strength at every moment. Although there is no compulsion it works as a great supporter for man.

The Qur’an deals with almost all the issues related to mankind. Its language is very simple. Its clarity is par excellence. On the other hand, there are devils and also bad people who are not friendly toward man, they always try to divert his thinking from positivity to negativity, they always try to deviate man from the straight path of truth. Both the forces work through inspiration. God and His angels inculcate positive inspiration on every occasion. They always give you the right guidance through the right thinking. But the evil forces inculcate negative inspiration in your personality. They try to corrupt your intellectual process. They try to mislead you by giving wrong advice at every juncture of your life. The success of human beings in this world completely depends on this realization. One who succeeds to realize the fact that he is constantly under double forces will prove to be successful, and one who fails to realize this fact is doomed to failure.

The single point formula of success for every man and woman therefore can be described in one line: Be cautious. Try to establish contact with God and angels, and try to detach yourself from the evil forces of both man and Satan. Attachment and detachment are psychological processes and can be established only in the world of consciousness.

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