First Aid

Special Choking Circumstances


Larger or Pregnant Responsive, Choking Adult

  • If you cannot reach far enough around a person to perform abdominal thrusts, or if you are aiding a woman who is obviously pregnant, alternate between 5 firm back blows and 5 chest thrusts.
  • Continue until the object comes out, the person begins to breathe or cough, or the person becomes unresponsive.

Responsive, Choking Toddler

  1. If the child is short enough, kneel on the floor with one knee raised. 2
  2. Perform 5 back blows with the child leaning across your raised leg, alternating with either 5 chest thrusts or 5 abdominal thrusts.
  3. Continue until the object comes out, the child begins to breathe or cough, or the child becomes unresponsive.

If You Are By Yourself and Choking

  1. Dial EMS/9-1-1 and leave the phone off the hook. This will tell the dispatcher to send help.
  2. If there are people nearby, move to a place where you can be noticed.
  3. Attempt to dislodge the object by performing an abdominal thrust against a safe object with no sharp edges or corners, such as the back of a chair or the edge of a table.

Calling EMS/9-1-1 does not always tell the dispatcher your location. Enhanced 9-1-1 services may be able to triangulate your position from a mobile phone call, but it is accurate only to within several hundred meters. If you are using a VOIP system, the location of the call is dependent upon how the system is set up. Additionally, if you call from a landline phone, your exact position within the building will not be pinpointed. While the phone call is important, it is equally important that you move to a public area or a place where you are likely to be seen.


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