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Expressing the Problem, the Necessity, and Importance of the Issue

Since the communications industry was formed in the form of Morse code, for the first time humans could experience communicating with the absent in the context of the physical world. After this, a kind of one-way and virtual communication was formed in the form of cinema, television, and radio production. From now on, we see a new communication environment with unique characteristics. What doubles the necessity is the torrential rush of media interactions and consumers and addressers’ lack of awareness and preparedness, as well as indigenous and cultural conflicts and various malicious purposes such as profit humanitarian, power, consumerism, etc. that scholars, intellectuals, students, and sympathizers of education in any society are forced to think and find solutions to assist community members and each set and organization which have not found the conditions and readiness to face the media. Turning the stormy start to a breeze with enjoying a clear source of inspiration and receiving messages and its explicit requirements is possible because deism is introduced as the comforting heart (Ar-Ra’d, 28).

Religious education for humans is of special importance like his other basic needs because it is considering all aspects of human existence in such education but in education where religion has no place in it, many of the virtues that cause the real perfection of humanity are ignored. More research is not done in the light of religious orders, and not in order to foster human dimensions. Human is being extracted and has different powers and skills. The most important feature of the human is the divine aspect of his kingdom that has privileged him in the system of being exposed to the creation system. Since the human being is the subject of education and is impressed creature and has the power of authority, choice, and will to flourish and to actualize the power of their innate talents need to be trained. It is the only education that can meet his different needs and provide the context of his all-round development, especially in the divine and spiritual dimensions.

Based on the attitude that Islam has to the world of creation and the origin of being, a destination which is believed for the general movement of the world and the divine element that is introduced to humans and beginning and accomplishment that is known for his life, the highest purpose of education is making and refining for God which the mystery of his happiness, salvation, and immortality is hidden in this point. Therefore, considering the necessity and importance of the major issue of the study is to determine the individual requirements of a Muslim according to dimensions of these requirements namely his relationship with God, self, others, the world, life, and the afterlife based on Islamic teachings and while using media.

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