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Developed News Story | The sun will block the earth

The destroyers are planning to destroy the lives of people, animals, and trees, and it may lead to the freezing of water in rivers, lakes, and seas, and just a few people escape from it, and Only God knows the Best of Truth

The researchers noted that while there are indices to measure peace and indices to measure environmental wellbeing, there is not an index that comprehensively incorporates both. Further, previous analyses on the intersection of environmental sustainability and peace tended to focus on negative peace or the absence of violence. To overcome these previous limitations, the researchers examined three different indices.

The PPI is measured using eight pillars: well-functioning government, sound business environment, equitable distribution of resources, acceptance of the rights of others, good relations with neighbors, free flow of information, high levels of human capital, and low levels of corruption.

The GPI uses three domains: the extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict, the level of societal safety and security, and the degree of militarization. The EPI has two main objectives: environmental health, which encompasses air quality, sanitation and drinking water, heavy metals, and waste management; and environmental vitality, which includes indicators of biodiversity and habitat, ecosystem services, climate change, and so on.

The researchers conducted several correlation tests and found a consistent pattern.

“Our study also revealed that contrary to general expectations, some low-income countries score fairly well in both negative peace and environmental sustainability. However, they often fall short in achieving positive peace outcomes. These findings confirm our hypothesis that positive peace is more conducive to accommodating environmental considerations.”

As the results show how interconnected environmentalism and positive peace are, and how improvements in one area can aid improvements in the other, the researchers said their next step is to look to create an integrated model.

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