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Developed News Story of Pakistani Student who experienced APS attack on 16th

We are a resilient nation and no matter how many times we are pushed to the ground, we will stand up and fight again

I was a student in 2nd year and was in school giving my exam on 16th December. I went down to use the bathroom exactly at 10:30 am and while I was inside I heard shots firing. I came out to see what was happening outside and the first thing I saw was a man with an AK47 in his hand.

As soon as he saw me on the other side of the grill, he fired shots at me. I would have been the first student martyr of the massacre but I was fortunate enough that the bullet hit the wall instead. He shouted ‘Odreka’ meaning ‘Stop’ but I hid behind the pillar and two more shots were fired. I think he did not want to waste his time and moved to the auditorium instead.

I was fortunate enough to slip past him to the nearest class where already 28 students in 7th grade were present. After 15 minutes when a few managed to escape from the auditorium, I lead them the way to the class. I saved those 15 and barricaded the door and came out in the corridors to rescue children and injured. I wanted to go to my friends who were still there but I couldn’t manage to find a way around the firing and grenades. I lost 17 of my friends and buried them myself.

Funerals, misery, and darkness clouded my life and sent me into the abyss of loneliness. I now plan to continue my studies and join the Pakistan army not only because of my 17 friends but because of the loss of 50,000. If I had to compare myself before the attack and after, I would say that I now want to live for others. I believe that nothing can destroy us, and we have to stand for those who want us to stand. The burial of 17 haunts me, I miss them, I need them. They were my life, it is not easy to start over again.

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