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Developed News Story of a Pakistani Person who gives a message of peace and harmony through paintings

You cannot feel the pain unless you experience it

We cannot lament past events all our lives. In order to forget bitterness and make peace with our past, we take refuge in certain things.

I was in 8th grade when my father passed away and even younger when he left us to go back to his hometown in Iraq to marry a second time. We had no contact with him in the years he was gone and he left us with many question marks.

With no hope of him returning back to us, my mother started to support us on her own. The pain and absence I felt after losing my father made me turn to art. I needed a medium to outpour my anger, and my emotions so painting proved to be the best outcome.

In my early years, I expressed the longing for my father to return home by painting the time of evening when everyone returns home, humans and animals; when flowers go back to their original state. I loved to paint dandelions because I believe that when you blow on one, it carries your message across through the wind. It was for my father because I could not understand why he gave up on us and wanted him back in our lives.

As I grew older, my focus turned toward humanity in general. Since our country has been facing many crises, I focused on peace, violence, and honor killing and depict them through my paintings. Once a flower withers, it can never regain its bloom; it is the same with people. I felt depressed with the concept of losing a loved one and every time I heard that someone has lost someone in an attack, it refreshed my own bleeding wounds.

Now, I give a message of peace and harmony through my paintings because life is beautiful and no one has the right to take this away from another fellow being. I don’t believe in violence or killings in the name of religion. It is not just religiously wrong but snatching away one’s loved one is the gravest crime against humanity. So spread love and happiness in any case. It will feed your soul well.

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