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Developed News Story of 19-year-old Pakistani Girl “Okay to not have a fairytale life”

Back to Pakistan with a newborn

I got married to my second cousin at the age of 19 and was promised by my in-laws that I wouldn’t have to quit my studies. But the day I moved Abroad with my husband I got to know every promise they made was just a lie.

He wasn’t interested in me at all and his extramarital affairs became a routine matter for me. When I was pregnant with my first child he used to physically abuse me. My mother-in-law had a similar life so she was helpless in front of her husband and son. Even my phone was taken away and I wasn’t allowed to talk to my parents without his permission, girl said.

My father sensed something is wrong at my end and by using all means he could, he called me back to Pakistan with my newborn. My child was taken aback by them Abroad while I was in the hospital going through a severe nervous breakdown as a result of divorce papers sent by my husband without giving any explanation. Those were the gloomiest days of my life and I was left divorced at an age of 21. Losing my child and watching my ex-husband tying the knot with someone else right after leaving me, I suffered it all. My mother stood by my side and made me realize it Its, Okay to not have a fairytale life.

My parents made me resume my studies. During my student life, I met some of the best people of my life who restored my confidence in everything. My mother taught me to wear my scars like wings. This was the reason I was able to hide my journey for so long.

While I was fighting anxiety and depression behind closed doors she made up my mind to give life another chance. And here I am today! done with my master’s degree. Found my soulmate who not only accepted my dark past but stood by my side when everyone was pointing fingers at me. He, along with my brother & father made me believe not all men are the same. Life is unpredictable, just believe in your Lord, trust His plans and fight your battles with a spirit to win.

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