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Developed News Story | Muneeb Fayyaz | Teleport Electric Vehicles | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

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Story | Pakistan | Muneeb Fayyaz

Muneeb Fayyaz, a learned student of Mechatronics Engineering at UET Peshawar, Pakistan. Muneeb from his childhood had an interest in learning robotics so student decided to pursue his career as a Mechatronics Engineer. Moreover, it’s been a year now and he had learned and gained much experience in different technical skills bio hybrid hoverboards emphasis on a detailed representation of charging infrastructure and driver behavior around charging.

However, as an intern at Teleport Electric Vehicles Pvt.Ltd, he started developing his 1st ride of E-bike (under process). Teleport engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fully electric motorcycles and batteries. The company also provides vehicle service and repair and maintenance services.

Muneeb Fayyaz | Teleport Electric Vehicles | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

In light of the law, Muneeb managed to make an electric bike powered by muscles that do not exceed the width of 0.9 meters decided by the driver from the steering wheel, in a literal sense of norm and eco. It is a luxurious safety bike surrounded by rider-friendly technology. The decision of whether and where to charge is currently modeled as a nested logit choice that considers a variety of factors including the location, capacity, and price of all chargers within a search radius in addition to the state of charge of the PEV and features of the agent’s future mobility needs for the day. 

Fully electric and hybrid vehicles have seen a massive increase in demand over the last couple of years. We can imagine all we want but some futuristic transportation technology has already been engineered and used by a human. Muneeb made 2 small-level robots as well.

  • Line Follower Robo
  • Obstacle Avoider Robo

Addendum | Teleport Electric Vehicles Pvt.Ltd

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