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Developed News Story | Malnutrition worsens more in Sudan as food prices hiked

Amna Mahmoud’s one-year-old daughter started to lose weight four months ago

Mahmoud thought it was just a phase, but Hawa wasn’t getting enough to eat and her health continued to deteriorate. Now she’s being treated at a malnutrition center in Kassala, a town in eastern Sudan.

“Even when I nurse her, there’s not enough to keep her full,” Mahmoud says, adding that the cost of food in markets has become too high. “Most of the time, we can afford to give her only milk.”

There are many mothers like her in Sudan, where the United Nations estimates that at least three million children under five are malnourished.

The country is experiencing an array of humanitarian crises caused by flooding, rising food prices, conflict, and disease.

Stunted growth

Asha Ahmed says malnutrition has stunted the growth of her eight-year-old son, Mahmoud.

“When he was four years old, he was eating little,” Ahmed says. “Sometimes he would go to bed without dinner. Now all his cousins and the kids in the neighborhood who were born around the same time as he was have grown, but he’s still the same height he was four years ago.”

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