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Developed News Story | Hassan Ali Raza | Senior Associate Orr, Dignam & Co. Advocates | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

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Story | Pakistan | Hassan Ali Raza

A Pro-Bono Experience by Hassan | “For 13 years, I have been humbled to partake, in & be successful, in numerous civil/commercial trials for professional fees. However, today was different. While I stood outside the civil court, I noticed an old, fragile, woman weeping, with both her hands asking lawyers for help. I found out that she was a petitioner (without representation) in an eviction petition (pending for over a year). The tenant wasn’t vacating her property or paying rent. Her eyes begged for help. I gave her water to compose and we walked into the Court. The Presiding Judge, somewhat puzzled, inquired “Hassan Sb., will you represent her?” I responded: “Yes your honor, today is “my” lucky day”. Her eviction petition was allowed at day’s end! The old lady paid PKR 100 ($0.46) to me for representation. This is the most “satisfying fee” that I have received in my career, thus far.

Why did I do it | Because Barrister Jinnah (the man on the PKR 100 Note) would have done it!

Advice | There are 3 million cases pending before various trial courts in Pakistan and a majority of the parties do not have legal representation due to financial constraints. Please increase your pro-bono practice to gain invaluable trial experience and improve the legal system in Pakistan!”

Hassan Ali Raza | Senior Associate Orr, Dignam & Co. Advocates| Pakistan | Struggles 2022

Addendum | Hassan Ali Raza

LLM International Commercial Law – Senior Associate Dispute Resolution, Competition/ Anti-Trust and Employment. Reported Judgments:

  • 2021 CLD 214 (Represented Bestway, Larfarge, and Mustehkahm Cement Companies)
  • 2020 PLC 164 (Represented Developments in Literacy)
  • 2019 PLC(CS) 907 (On Court’s Notice)
  • PLD 2018 Lahore 597 (Represented Louis Dreyfus Commodities S.A)
  • 2018 CLD 844 (Represented Exide Pakistan Ltd)
  • 2018 PLC 90 (Represented BBC Corporation)
  • 2018 YLR 363 (Represented BBC Pakistan (Private) Limited
  • 2017 CLD 1411 (Represented Fauji Akbar Portia Marine Terminal Limited)
  • 2017 CLD 789 (Represented Noon Pakistan Limited / Fauji Foods Limited)
  • 2017 CLD 740 (Represented Mari Petroleum Company Limited)
  • 2017 CLD 47 (Represented Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited)
  • 2016 CLD 2118 (Represented shareholders of Data Steel)
  • 2016 PCrLJ 1056 (Represented SSGCL)
  • 2016 CLD 289 (Represented Honda South)
  • 2016 YLR 415 (Represented NIFT)
  • 2016 CLC 509 (Represented Wyndham Hotels)
  • 2016 YLR 304 (Represented Wyndham Hotels)
  • 2016 MLD 349 (Represented Wyndham Hotels)
  • 2015 MLD 1646 (Represented Siemens AG Germany)
  • 2015 PLC 137 (Represented BBC Pakistan & BBC UK)
  • 2014 YLR 1199 (Represented Porsche Middle East & Africa)
  • 2013 PLC (CS) 178 (Represented YZ Petroleum)
  • 2012 CLD 1714 (Represented a petroleum group)
  • 2010 YLR 2643 (Represented Petrosin Gas)

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