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Developed News Story from Pakistan’s side of Kashmir

They didn't let our hopes die out

During the 1990s, the situation in Jammu Kashmir went from bad to worse and took the form of war. We were forced to leave the area because we didn’t have any other option. Many of my family members and neighbors migrated with me to Pakistan’s side of Kashmir.

When we were crossing the river Neelum, the water flow was so harsh that we lost many men, women, and children to the river water. It was gut-wrenching, but we didn’t have any other option except to move forward. If we went back, we would have definitely died in the crossfire. So we moved forward with heavy hearts because at least there was hope ahead of us.

But when we came here, we had nothing – no food, no property. All we could do was mourn for our lost loved ones. When we reached Aatmuqam, Kashmir, (which was then a very small town) fortunately the local community supported us by providing us shelter at their own houses in the name of Islam and humanity. They also helped us find jobs and set up businesses.

I’m thankful to these people. They didn’t let our hopes die out. The lives of our loved ones were not lost in vain. I will forever be grateful to these Pakistani brothers and sisters for opening their hearts to us.

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