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Developed News Story | Bulgarians voted in their fourth general election in less than two years

Centre-right GERB party to win soaring consumer prices and energy costs

An exit poll in Bulgaria predicted the center-right GERB party of ex-Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is the likely winner of Bulgaria’s parliamentary election.

The exit poll conducted by the Gallup International pollster on Sunday showed GERB earning 24.6 percent support, apparently edging out the reformist We Continue the Change pro-Western party of former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, which is expected to capture 18.9 percent.

It could take days before the final official results are announced. If they confirm the exit poll, Borissov will be handed a mandate to form his fourth cabinet. It will be an uphill task for him to produce a stable governing coalition, however, since most political groups have in advance rejected any cooperation with his party.

The European Union’s poorest member state is battling annual inflation of close to 20 percent.

“People worry about inflation, about the fact that when you enter a food store a shopping trolley that’s just half full costs a fortune,” said Krasimira Velkova, a 64-year-old economist.

“The difference compared to last year is absolutely staggering. We are worried about how we’ll get through the winter.”

One group that has seen more change is the pro-Russian ultra-nationalist Revival, which firmly opposes the adoption of the euro and wants to see Bulgaria out of NATO. It has more than doubled its support to about 11 to 14 percent, according to opinion polls.

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